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HydroPure Advantage vs. “Organic”

HydroPure lettuce and herbs are grown in state of the art controlled environment greenhouses, solely using nutrient infused water- no soil, no animal wastes- just pure lettuce. Like organic farming, HydroPure hydroponics uses no harmful chemicals but is cleaner than organic farming practices which use soil and primarily animal waste as the source of nutrients. Our nutrients come from the earth as mined soluble minerals. Since we provide the precise nutrients the plants need with our nutrient solution, there is no waste. We don’t feed the soil, just the plants. Finally, our lettuce and basil are harvested with roots still attached, so you are getting a live plant that will stay fresh much longer than traditional harvesting methods.

Nutrient Film Technique

Lettuce is grown in food grade channels where a nutrient solution providing everything the plant needs is continuously circulated through the system. This completely soilless technique is clean, efficient, and produces a superior product in both taste and nutrition.

HydroPure Lettuce and Herbs

All lettuce and herbs are harvested within days of delivery with roots still attached to stay as fresh as possible. These are living plants, and will last in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

Lettuce in NFT Channels
Lettuce in NFT Channels

HydroPure Hydroponics
  • Locally grown to your table in days
  • Uses a fraction of the water compared to conventional farming
  • No harmful pesticides or herbicides
  • Controlled nutrient-levels produces high nutritional content
  • Clean controlled soil-less environment minimizes risk of e-coli & salmonella